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DF1 Deflector

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Universal (Fits All)

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The DF1 Deflector will fit all manufacture's compact cassettes (650 to 750 facia grilles) on all split and all split and VRV/VRF systems.

It is designed to redirect the cassette air horizontally, so as to reduce cold draughts for people who are working in the direct air stream of the cassette.


Universal (Fits All)

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Summary: The deflector which is made from strong lightweight glass fibre is secured to the cassettes return air grille using nylon studs and bolts.

Once fitted the grille cannot be opened unless the deflector is removed. Routine cleaning of the filter is carried out by using a vacuum cleaner with the deflector in situ. Occasionally, to access the controls/fan coil components and thoroughly clean the filters and return air chamber, the deflector needs to be removed.

To facilitate the above the fixing studs are permanently secured using the deflector as the template. The deflector is then secured to these studs by 4 wing nuts for simple removal and re-fixing when required.

It is easier to fit the permanent studs with the return grille and filter removed.

You should have the following with the deflector:

  • 4 studs with knurled heads
  • 4 Lock Nuts
  • 4 Securing Washers
  • 4 Wing Nuts

You will need the following tools:

  • Small adjustable spanner or grips to secure the locking nut to the studs.


  • Commence by removing the return air grille. (Not the cassette fascia grille).
  • Place the deflector symmetrically onto the grille with the four securing slots in line with the grille ‘blades'.
  • Mark the position for the studs (with a pencil) onto the grille ‘blades' through the deflector slots using the deflector as a template.
  • Remove the filter and secure the studs onto the grille. The stud to pass through the grille from the filter side so that the studs face downward when the grille is re-fitted. Tighten the nylon locking nut with adjustable grips (more than by hand but not so much as to damage the nylon threads). See the attached drawing for positions.
  • Loosely screw two wingnuts to the studs on one side of the deflector.
  • Re-fit the filter to the return air grille and then the whole assembly, grille with all four studs secured, to the cassette.
  • Offer the deflector up to the cassette (the slots should line up with the studs). Make sure the remaining two wing nuts are within easy reach or in your pocket.
  • Slide the slots on one side of the deflector onto the studs that the wing nuts have been secured too. Holding the deflector to the grille with one hand (on the opposing side to the studs with wing nuts on ), screw on the remaining two wing nuts.
  • Check all wing nuts are hand tight (these will need to be removed whenever access is required for the filter/fan).

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